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Member Highlights

Heather Huber & Notice These Dynamics

Heather Huber and her mare, Notice These Dynamics have had an incredible year in 2016.

Affectionately known as JJ, this pair have qualified for The World Show, 3rd in the Nation in L1 Mares, earned an Open ROM in Trail & Heather says JJ is her "best Showmanship horse ever & the funnest horse to show in Western Pleasure". CONGRATS!!

Kim Blyth & Lil Bit Sleepy
Kim Blyth & Lil Bit Sleepy made unforgettable memories at the Adequan AQHA Select World Show in 2016.  This pair took home a bronze trophy in the Western Pleasure at the AQHA Select World Show!  WOW!

Randy Kitigawa & CovergurlRandy Kitigawa & Ashleigh Tukhala along with the crowd favourite Covergurl made it to Texas this year for the 2016 Adequan AQHA Select World Show.  Bred by Andrea Fortkamp, Randy & Ashleigh have successfully shown this mare to Superior Halter awards & were Finalists in Aged Mares at the World Show!!  WOOHOO!

Gordon McEachen & Good Grief GroverGood Grief Grover  “Grover” and Gordie McEachen  have just been awarded as an Amateur AQHA Champion and an Open AQHA Champion.  The team will be recognized in the AQHA Journal with pictures and a short description of the rider horse team combination. THAT'S SMOKIN!

What is an AQHA Championship?


AQHA Champion – An AQHA Champion title will be awarded in the open division to any stallion, mare or gelding, or in the amateur and youth division to the contestant and his/her horse in their respective division, that earns a total of 35 or more points in AQHA-approved competition or races (for open AQHA champions only), providing that:

  • Points have been won in five or more shows and under five or more different judges;
  • A minimum of 15 of these points have be earned in halter/performance halter classes, with a minimum of eight points being earned during or after the horse's 2-year-old year. In open division only, at least two grand championships with five or more horses in the sex division must have been earned under two different judges with at least one of them being earned on or after the horse's 2-year-old year and/or two performance halter champions, with five or more in the class;
  • A minimum of 15 of these points must be earned in performance events with a minimum of five points having been earned in each of at least two categories of performance events

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President's Update

versatility ranch horse
BCQHA promotes the Quarter Horse in British Columbia ( BC ) in a wide variety of ways. Quarter owners are being supported and encouraged to show their horses at AQHA approved shows throughout BC. These shows include classes such as Western Pleasure, Halter, Showmanship, Trail, Ranch Riding, English Hunter Under Saddle, Barrel Racing and Pole bending. Exhibitors earn points towards BCQHA year-end awards, AQHA incentive fund awards and a long list of AQHA championship awards.

BCQHA supports the recreational rider by promoting AQHA trail rides, organizing informational/horsemanship clinics and by awarding riders with the BC Ride/Drive program.

BCQHA was also very pleased to be a part of the second Horse Day at the PNE. Displays by our versatile quarter horses were well received. The volunteers manning the information booth had a great time interacting with the many visitors.


Do you know Canadian AQHA Members can link to read the free on-line version of America's Horse?

 americas horse daily

AQHA's award-winning magazine is one of your many member benefits.

America's Horse magazine is one of AQHA members' favorite member benefits . Don't miss out on this amazing resource, offered to you 10 times a year.

Start learning more about horse health, horse training, trail rides, tack tips, foundation horse bloodlines and people just like you who love their horses.

America's Horse is filled with informative articles that help you make the most of your experience with horses, whether it's keeping them healthy, correcting behavior problems or having fun on the trail.

If you're a current Canadian AQHA member, you can enjoy the digital version of America's Horse archive online right now. With the digital version, you can read America's Horse at any time from your computer. AQHA members, log in to start reading America's Horse.

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