This year has certainly been another difficult and challenging year in BC. COVID continues to be a prominent factor in our lives. Global warming has shown us what to expect in future years with the incredible heat wave we had followed by devastating forest fires and recently the unbelievable floods in the Fraser valley.  These events have touched us all and it is incredible to see how the communities have come together to help each other during these unusual times. 

It has also a very difficult year for the Equine industry with limited showing possibilities, cancelled events and long traditions being put aside once again.  The Quarter Horse Industry in BC has suffered hardships as well yet it has been extremely gratifying to see the different zones work hard to produce some interesting and fun events to encourage one and all to participate with their equine partners.  This is made more difficult the past couple of years due to the limited volunteers and helpers and very discouraging with the small numbers attending any of the Zone and BCQHA meetings.

BCQHA is here for the Equine community, quarter horse owners and lovers and I strongly encourage everyone to attend meetings and voice your opinions and suggestions to help the organization grow.  Again this year, many people have come to realize the importance of activities held in their own communities and the need to support local clubs if you want to continue having clinics, shows and other equine related events in British Columbia. The Lower Mainland, South Central and Vancouver Island Quarter Horse Associations continue to work hard for their members and have some very enthusiastic and skilled presidents at the helm, please support them any way you can.

It has been my great pleasure to have served as your President the past 4 years.  It has been challenging and frustrating at times but very rewarding and I know your new President Carolyn Farris with her many years of experience and knowledge will serve the organize well. There have been many people that I have relied on and sought help from these four years to which I owe my extreme gratitude and heartfelt thank you.  To the BCQHA members I also want to thank you for your continued support, assistance when needed and kind words whenever we have been together.

I’m looking forward to an promising and exciting 2022 with opportunities to come together with friends and enjoy the love of our equine partners.  Please continue to follow the health guidelines as set out by officials and stay safe!

I wish you all a healthy Merry Christmas and Happy Year.


Pia Petersen, President


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