Hi all,

Wishing each and everyone a healthy and happy new year in 2022.  I hope that COVID restrictions, heat domes, forest fires, flooding and extreme cold are going to go away or be reduced for the coming year.  I am hoping all of you will have time and ways to enjoy your equine(s) over the coming year,

First, I want to say a huge thank you to Pia Petersen for the time, effort and personal money she put into her time as BCQHA President.  She kept the association functioning through the difficult pandemic times and increased the profile of BCQHA at CQHA and AQHA.  If you see her or are in contact please let her know she is appreciated.  A THANK YOU can mean so much and is easy to do.

Second, please mark your calendar for the tentative date for the BCQHA AGM.  We are planning to hold it in Port Alberni on the evening of June 4 as part of Vancouver Islands AQHA show.  We encourage participation from around the Province and each Zone has a small amount of funding to help with travel.  If groups haul together this makes it more cost effective.  Also using plain trailers with no living quarters are less expensive to cross on the ferries.  One suggestion I received was maybe just go over and volunteer to help with the show and then it could be reciprocated for your show.  This would let those who can't show because they are needed volunteers to show.  We need to get creative and help out each other for the good of all.

Third,  I would like to encourage every quarter horse owner or  supporter to purchase a CQHA membership (FREE: just sign up on the website) and BCQHA ($30 /yr).  Membership numbers increase our ability to influence AQHA, Canadian and provincial policies regarding horse ownership and agriculture.  Get involved in your local Zone committees and let your voice and concerns be heard.  If we want to continue events and shows then volunteers are needed to step up and help.

I look forward to seeing or talking with you over the coming year.

Carolyn Farris, BCQHA President


PRESIDENT - Carolyn Farris, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 250-546-6083


SECRETARY - Tamara Jameson

TREASURER - Pia Petersen

DIRECTORS - Carole Walton, Cherie Corrigan, Roseanna Locke, Cherie Jardine and Andy Helqvist

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